6 Resources To Get You Building Real World Clojure Projects In No-Time

Last year I 10xed my programming skills by learning #Clojure.

However, starting real-world projects with Clojure is tricky because there is no solid path to do it.

Here are some resources to get you ready in no time:

Resource #1: Jacek Schae’s REST API Course

You'll learn: • Setting up IntelliJ Cursive (best in the game) • API Routing • Authentication with Auth0 • Interacting with SQL DB • Deployment

Resource #2: Lambda Island

This is an excellent website with videos on:

  • Building SPAs with React
  • Building REST Apis
  • Making tests
  • Datomic

Thank you, Arne Brasseur, for the great videos! 🙏

Resource #3: ClojureScript for React developers Youtube Playlist

This is a step-by-step building of the Conduit app by @vishalgautamm

You'll learn:

  • Start to end SPA using React
  • State management in ClojureScript
  • Interoping with libs from JS Ecosystem

Resource #4: Clojurians Slack community

The Go-To place where all Clojurians meet.

This is where all your clojure questions will be answered. Trust me, I had some dumb ones, but they were answered!

One of the best places for beginners and the community is excellent!

Resource #5: ShadowCLJS

Think of shadow-cljs as a create-react-app for the ClojureScript ecosystem

Read through the README, and you are ready to start building.

Resource #6: The Brave Clojure Website

Finally, this is the best-known starting point for all Clojure curious developers. It contains:

  • A whole book to get started
  • Open source projects to get examples
  • Teaches you how to set up your environment

TL;DR - 6 resources to learn how to do 'real world' #clojure projects

  • Learn Reitit Course
  • Lambda Island
  • ClojureScript for React developers Playlist
  • Clojurians Slack
  • Shadow-cljs
  • Brave Clojure website


Getting started with Clojure(script) is not easy and the developer experience in the beginning can be improved, but learning it will make you 10 times the developer you were previously.

I recommend you spend some time investigating these resources

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