Clojure - The Language That Will Make You Love Programming Again

Do you experience daydreams of hacking a cool project yet never find that passion when you code?

I used to feel the same way until last year when I found Clojure.

Clojure is an interactive functional programming language, ranked 1st among the highest-paying languages on the market .

It combines the advantages of functional programming with the practicality of traditional languages like Javascript or Java.

Immutable by default

Whenever you try to modify a map (object) or array (list) in Clojure, a new copy is made with the required modifications. This prevents A TON of usual problems in programming.

I can already hear you say, "But isn't that very memory intensive?"

No! The copies share most of the data with the original to save memory. Think of it like diff works on git.

Embedded in modern ecosystems

Clojure is a compiled language yet remains dynamic.

It can run both on the JVM and in any Javascript Ecosystem. You can use any existing library from these communities in your Clojure code. You can use React, AWS SDKs, or any Java framework.

It is also one of the highest-paying languages out there.

The best feedback system

Programming in Clojure is like playing a game!

You get instant feedback on what your code is doing by the magic of The REPL.

"But Ovi, we have REPL in most modern languages! "

True! But not like this one! You can send code to the REPL directly from your terminal and have the result next to your code as a comment.

The experience is like none other, and finding it was the best thing that happened to me last year!

I hope you found this at least intriguing! If yes, check out Rick Hickey's presentation video on Clojure (where he also bashes OOP) .